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Jeevashram, now boards dogs and cats on payment basis to finance our various welfare projects. For the pet's accommodation, there is a separate unit, consisting of large enclosures.


Before a dog is left for boarding he/she should visit a minimum of three times, by appointment.
  • First visit : Short, visit to look at facilities and discuss arrangements.
  • Second visit: - The dog is left here without the owner for a day.
  • Third visit: - The dog is left without the owner overnight.
There is no charge for these visits.
This policy is to allow the dog to become familiar with jeevashram before being left for boarding and for us to assess the temperament of the dog. We do not offer boarding for unvaccinated dogs, dogs under one year of age, or dogs in poor health.
All animals are left at owner's risk.
Full boarding fees to be paid at time of admission.


If you own a dog/cat it can be a very easy in the excitement of planning your holidays to forget to make proper arrangements for your pet. With so many people taking holidays abroad it is more important to plan your dog/cat's holidays.


The most important thing to remember is not to leave him or her alone at home in the garden or in the street to fend for himself/herself, as this would be very cruel.

There are to options opened to you if your holiday cannot include your pet, you can either arrange for a responsible friend or relation to care for it or you can book a place in a local boarding kennel. If you intend to try the former make absolutely certain that the person has both the time and the inclination to care for your pet properly.

A boarding kennel/cattery is often the best solution, however, you must remember to book early because in the summer months they become very full. Choose your boarding kennel carefully and make every attempt to inspect them several months before required. Owners of well-run boarding kennels seldom refuse such an inspection but they may wish you to call at certain time so not to disturb the pets too much.

The runs should be clean and airy, and the sleeping area should be adequate to protect your dog/cat from the weather. Make sure that the kennel area looks secure so that your dog cannot escape. Whether your pet stays with someone you know or is boarded at kennel there are number of things you can do to ensure that he enjoys his holidays too. If possible arrange for the dog to be fed his normal diet because changes of food can lead to stomach upset. If your pet has his or her own bedding, baskets take it and any toys he may have to the kennel.

You should always insure that your dog's vaccinations are up to date, anyway, but it is even more important if your dog/cat goes into kennels. Most boarding kennels will not accept your dog unless it has current vaccination certificate. You should also make sure your pet has flea and tick treatment done before boarding. Do not take your dog to the kennels in a last minute rush; try to make a separate journey to settle him properly. This will save your pet much distress.

Please do not let your dream holiday become your dog's nightmare!
Leave him in safe hands.

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