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Started in 1990, Jeevashram is located at Rajokri Village, New Delhi. Jeevashram focuses on minimizing stress and abuse wherever human and animal interaction is involved.

It is recognized by the Animal Welfare Board of India and associated to the RSPCA-UK, and affiliated to WSPA-UK. Jeevashram is a Veterinary Hospital for both large and small animals. We are working on Animal Birth Control Programme with M.C.D. under SOCIETY FOR STRAY CANINE BIRTH CONTROL. We are in Limca Book of Records for first institute with burial ground for pets.

We also have an education programme for school children. Jeevashram realized the crucial role school children could play in preventing cruelty to animals, by inculcating a sense of responsible pet ownership and spreading awareness on issues concerning animal welfare. Jeevashram has targeted school both in rural and urban areas where trained instructors in animal welfare go to schools in order to perhaps foster a future generation of more responsible pet owners, thereby reducing greatly the number of unwanted animals on the roads.


Jeevashram is a non-profit organization and owes its continued existence to the generosity of its founders and donors. Maintenance and upgradation of the facilities on offer depend on expanding our donor and volunteer base. We request your contribution in helping us achieve our goals.


- Recurring expense including feeding of sheltered animals, medicines and free animal health programs.

- Ability to pay wages that attract fine veterinary doctors.

- Endoscope machine.

- Upgradation of X-ray and ultrasound units.

- Hydraulic O.T. Tablets.

- 24 hrs. fully equipped ambulance.

All donations are exempt from income tax under Section 80(G) of the Indian Income Tax Act.

Donor List

Pallavi Anand

At present our emphasis is on:
  • Improvement and maintenance of our veterinary hospital to conform to best of international standards by making use of the latest technology and modem equipment.

  • Help improve conditions for animals used for milk and meat, which also means compelling the government to deal with carcass trade and do away with live animal transport.

  • Development of audio-visual aids in order to have tools for humane education in school and public campaigns on TV etc. in order to mobilize public support in all areas of concern. Special emphasis is placed on the ultimate goal of zero-street animal population. Jeevashram believes that animals domesticated by man such as dogs, pigs and cows belong in caring, loving, responsible homes and farms, not on streets.

  • Forming pressure groups in order to compel the Indian Veterinary Council to restructure its, veterinary curriculum in order to correspond to the best of international veterinary standards, so essential to the cause of animal welfare and to do "high volume" sterilization.

  • Jeevashram also believes that animal shelters should not only do good but look good and keep animals whether long term or short term, in a healthy, happy environment with plenty of qualified staff. Shelters that keep animals in over crowded, cramped cages and on chains, have limited space should not be allowed. There should be enforcement of proper standards before letting a place open as a shelter.

  • All this and much more is not possible without the support of people like you. Please donate generously in order to make this planet a better place to live in - for both people and animals!

    You can support us in realizing our future plans through donations. All donations are exempted from income tax under 80 G.

  • Our PAN number is AAATJ0147P


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    Further please note that our society is registered under section 12A / 12AA of Income Tax Act,1961 (Regd No J-307 dt 30/10/1992) and all donations to Society are exempted under section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961

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